Media buzz

Media buzz

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The incredible honeycomb layout of the Beehive Picture Hangers allows adjustment in a matter of seconds.”

Beehive Picture Hangers may revolutionize the way we hang frames on walls.”

15 minute news
It’s a new hanging system that makes hanging a frame perfectly, a breeze, and something that only takes a few moments.”

This ingenious new product allows you to hang a picture frame without taking a single measurement.”

Here’s a good example of using design to address a humble but unmet need. A much more intelligent way to hang photos”

Protect your walls from the Swiss cheese look with ‘Beehive.”
It’s a system that lets you hang perfectly straight frames in a short amount of time with no measurements and no mess-ups.”

The Old Reader
…and you don’t have to worry about drywall anchors or locating wall studs.”

A clever solution to the mind grinding problem of crooked picture frames.”

Pop Photo
I might even order a few of my own because I have a ton of prints sitting in stacks that I’ve been too lazy to hang.”

While they are a device on their own, they work as a brilliant system.”

It doesn’t surprise us that the company was approached by a slew of retailers and distributors.”