About Us

Our mission here at Beehive Picture Hangers is simple -- change the way people feel about hanging picture frames.

With that goal in mind, Matt (company owner and President) and his father Herb (inventor and product developer) brought together their ideas, diverse professional backgrounds, and unique talents to launch what are known today as ‘The smartest picture hangers ever invented.’ Beehive Picture Hangers hit the ground running back in 2015, after creating a buzz during their wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, which nearly doubled its funding goal. From that moment on, this father/son dynamic duo has been changing the way the world looks at picture hanging.

Despite the overwhelming success of the original product design, Herb and Matt have continued to focus on new product innovations. Since their initial product launch, the Beehive Picture Hangers have undergone two major design changes, both of which have dramatically improved the ease, accuracy and efficiency of installation. Coupled with the innovative new Beehive Stinger installation tool, these design changes are providing a picture hanging experience that's second to none.

In addition to design changes, our Beehive Picture Hanger product line has recently been expanded to not only accommodate wood frames, but metal channel frames as well.

So, whether you're hanging the Mona Lisa, or a one-of-a-kind crayon abstract from your daughter's kindergarten class, hanging your art is now a simple, stress-free, and rewarding experience.