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How They Work

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Can the hangers be used on material other than drywall?

The simple answer is yes. However, if you’re inserting the Support Pins into material that is harder than drywall, we recommend pre-drilling a small pilot hole.

What’s the difference between the ORIGINAL and MAX hangers?

The primary difference between the two sizes is the overall dimensions and number of openings in each. The Max hangers have 143 openings, while the Original hangers have 68 openings.An added benefit of the Max hangers is when they’re attached across the miter joints of your frames, they will add strength and stability, helping prevent separation of the joints on larger, heavier frames.

How much weight will the hangers support?

The Beehive Picture Hangers are rated up to 30 pounds per set. These ratings are based on using two hangers on each corner of your frame along with the hardware that is included with your hangers. Our tests were conducted using 5/8” drywall (sheetrock).

What size frames can the hangers be used on?

The Original and Max will fit almost any size frame. The frame should be a minimum of 7” wide on the inside when mounting the hangers on the top rail (Illustration 1), and a minimum of 4” tall when mounting to the side rails (Illustration 2).

What’s the minimum width required for the frame rail?

The width of the frame rail should be 5/16” or wider (Illustration 3) to ensure stability of the screws when inserted into the frame.

Can the hangers be used on a variety of frame shapes and sizes?

Yes. Another benefit of the Beehive Picture Hangers is they work well with almost any size or shape of frame imaginable – even round and oval frames.

Does my order include all the hardware I’ll need to hang my frames?

Yes. Whether you order the Original, the Max or a COMBO package of the Beehive Picture Hangers, your order will include all the hardware you’ll need to hang your frames.

Will I need to pre-drill screw holes in my frame?

Maybe. If your frame is constructed of a hardwood such as maple, cherry or oak, it can be difficult getting the screws started. In this case, we do recommend pre-drilling pilot holes whenever possible.