Attaching the hangers to your frame

ORIGINAL Orientation

Use bottom set of holes in flanges

MAX Orientation

Step 1
Insert a screw through the hanger flange.

Thread a rhombus nut onto the screw, making sure the side marked with an X is facing up. Now turn the nut until the screw reaches the bottom side of the nut.

Repeat for second flange.

Step 2
Position both rhombus nuts parallel to the frame channel and lower them into the center of the channel.

Step 3
Hold the hanger in position and begin turning the screws clockwise. When turning, the rhombus nuts should rotate in the channel and become flush against the insides.
IMPORTANT: Turn only until snug. Over- tightening may cause the flanges to bend.
Repeat steps 1-3 for the second hanger.

Hanging your frame

Step A
Hold your frame up to the wall in the approximate position you want to hang it.
Press firmly against the top corners of the frame, applying enough pressure so the small points on the front of the hangers mark your drywall.
TIP: For a more noticeable wall mark, GENTLY jiggle the frame corners while pressing. Be sure to exercise care not to scratch your wall.

Step B
Insert the short end of a support pin into the Beehive Stinger and press the support pin into the wall where you’ve made your mark. Be sure to insert at a downward angle so the rectangular plate on the support pin is parallel to the wall as shown in figure B.
TIP: Stinger can be pressed by hand, or tapped with a hammer.
Repeat for the second support pin.

Step C
Hang your frame on the support pins. If adjustment is needed, simply lift the frame from the pin(s) and reinsert into another hole in the hanger.
You’re done!