Beehive Picture Hangers

Technical Specs



The MAX hangers can be attached across the miter joints of your frame, adding support and helping prevent separation of the joints. This is particularly useful for larger, heavier frames.

Support Pins

The support pins are specially designed to distribute the weight of your frame across the drywall. This distribution of weight is key to adding strength and support, far beyond standard wall hardware.

This design allows you to place the support pins virtually anywhere in your drywall, without the need to locate wall studs.

Due to the length of the support pin shaft, there’s no need to worry about hitting plumbing, wiring or conduit that’s hiding behind your walls.

Rhombus Nuts


Our custom designed Rhombus Nuts are used to attach your Beehive Picture Hangers to metal channel frames. 

Hornet Hooks


Got something extra heavy to hang in your drywall that our support pins just can't handle? Scoop up a few of our HORNET HOOKS! Our Hornet Hooks have a custom designed tip to work specically with our Beehive Picture Hangers, and will support up to 75lbs per set. Just don't tell your support pins they weren't good tends to sting a little.