Actual Customer Testimonials

These testimonials have been received from actual Beehive Picture Hangers customers.
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Frames were hung straight and in line.

We hung a gallery grouping of 14 frames of various sizes, plus another grouping of 10 frames using the Beehive Picture Hangers. While this was a difficult group to hang, due to the volume of frames, we did not have a single unneeded nail hole in the wall! Thanks to the moveablity of the frame once the nail was placed, all frames were hung straight and in line with the previous frame.

Donna Johnson

Best picture hangers I’ve ever used!

I had just built a custom LED backlit poster frame and needed some way to mount it on the wall. I tried using some D-rings and wire, but the added weight kept unravelling the twist and the wire kept pulling out of the D-rings. The wire did not feel stable and it was quite difficult to make the poster level with the one next to it so I decided to search for something better. That’s when I discovered these Beehive hangers. I hoped that they would solve the problem with the wire instability and the leveling issue with the poster next to it. Once I received them, I removed the old D-rings and wire and screwed the Beehive hangers to the frame. Then all I had to do was line up the poster frame with the one next to it and press down. Once you press down, it makes two small indents in the wall to mark where the support pins go. The indents are set about halfway down the honeycomb pattern to provide adjustment up and down and side to side – well thought out design. I found these hangers very easy to install on the frame and mount on the wall. The screws to mount the hangers to the frame are small but feel very sturdy once mounted. Once on the wall, the whole assembly is very stable and does not shift or sway side to side when bumped. These will be my go to picture hangers from now on.

E. Chin

5 Stars

Amazing product, executed perfectly. Do not pass these up. They will save a ton of time and your walls!


Love these! Highly recommended!

I always had the worst time trying to get my pictures straight on my walls. I’d end up with tons of holes after constantly repositioning the nail. Beehive hangers completely changed this! They are so easy to use and do not tear up the walls! You will never see a crooked painting/decoration in my house!!!

J. Mitchell

Excellent concept and product. No better way to hang pictures.

This is my favorite method for hanging pictures. I refuse to do it any other way now. The margin of error is massive and the design easily compensates. excellent. For some reason, these beehive hangers are hard to find. Keep your eyes open.

Kerry Turner

I will recommend these to family and friends.

These hangers worked splendidly. They are awesome for hanging multiple pictures in the same area. I hung 6 pictures adjacent to one another, and they are level and spaced perfectly. I did this with little measuring. I’m a little OCD about picture hanging and this job would have taken me a day and a lot of frustration with ordinary hangers. To put it simply, for each picture I didn’t have to reset any of the nails because the adjustment is made by moving the picture, not the nails!

Verified Amazon Customer

Amazing product executed perfectly.

Do not pass these up. They will save a ton of time and your walls!


If you hate spending 30+ minutes trying to get two nails lined up just perfectly, these are for you!

I learned about these hangers when I bought a 60″ wide city skyline canvas and they came with it, making hanging a 5′ long poster simple and easy! So when I created a frame for a new piece of artwork, I knew I needed to have these. Thank goodness I found them online! No more arduous measuring to get two nails or screws located JUST PERFECTLY – use these babies and you’ll have it hung perfectly in under 5 minutes. I love it! I used the MAX hangers on a large wooden frame and I will be using the normal size hangers on a three-piece Bansky canvas where I’ve always struggled getting all three pieces just perfectly lined up.

Jeffrey T.

Makes hanging pictures easy.

I actually backed this project on Kickstarter. I gave the set as a Christmas gift. My only problem with that is that the screws to attach the piece to the picture frame are extremely tiny. They are very difficult to work with. The product works great though once it’s attached.

P. Brennan

You’ll love them!

I am unreasonably excited about these hangers! I needed to hang three identical mirrors in a straight line. These enabled me to get them perfectly aligned and equally spaced. Can’t say enough about them. Just buy them, you’ll love them!

Camille James

Hanging Right!

These little gizmos are a wonder! They go into the back of your picture and then you can hang the picture on a nail in any one of the little honeycomb hexagonal holes. — if it’s not the right one to hang the picture straight, just move it over to a new hole again and again until your picture hangs straight. WaaLaa! (Or for those who speak French Viola!)

Christina Johns

Not good…GREAT!!!!!

I had to hang 9 pictures over my bed, 3 across and 3 down and they needed to be spaced perfect or else it would just look sloppy. I attached the hooks to a wood frame which was very easy. I then did basic measurements for hooks. It was EXTREMELY EASY!!!!! I was able to make very slight adjustments due to the beehive design and fine-tune and make perfectly spaced and level. Definitely recommend this product!!!!


They’re great!

Let me add my kudos to those of other purchasers. Where have these been all my life? Got them to hang a long and heavy mirror horizontally. Had to be perfectly level and centered (wife’s orders). I obsessed about hanging the heavy mirror for three days. Got these and had it up in about 3 minutes… perfectly centered and level. My thanks to whoever invented these. Outstanding product. Every husband should have a supply.

Abby Normal

My pictures are happy now.

These hangers are sweet! Just moved into my new home a few months ago and was looking for something to hang my pictures without putting 50 holes in my wall. A friend referred me to these, and I have to say, they are awesome. No more walking by a crooked photo, easy to install, and the best thing is that I didn’t even need to measure anything! They have these little nubs on them that you just press against the drywall and it leaves the mark where your supposed to push in the hanger. After that you just hang it up and it stays put. 5 stars all day.


The last picture hanger you’ll ever use.

We don’t use anything other than Beehive hangers in our house! We’ve probably got 30-45 various items hung throughout our house with these, and always have some handy!

Brad J. Ward

Ingenious, effective design.

This ingenious product works perfectly. We wanted to hang two frames in a very specific and tight configuration, and this product made it so simple. I had considered buying a different product (one that involved sliding the frames on a 4-way adjustable track), but these beehive picture hangers are a simpler, equally effective, more environmentally friendly design at a lower price point. Very pleased. Great product.


Great innovation for a history rich problem.

We plan on including these on our finished products for our customers. Thanks for the product.

Paul Johnson

We used these in our daughters nursery…

… made hanging up all of our pictures a breeze!! Definitely will purchase more in the future.


Picture hanging made easy!

The easiest way to get your picture straight. A great product and excellent customer service.


Really easy to use!

No more guessing where to put nails in the wall.


These are essential for any painting or poster. I would never use anything else again!

THESE ARE AMAZING. We bought a ton of paintings and some framed posters to completely redecorate the house, and as soon as we saw the awful mounting hardware that comes with those nice pre-stretched canvas paintings and framed posters, we knew we needed another option. These take about 1 minute to put two in a painting, another 2 minutes to measure the wall and hammer in the two mounts. The great thing is how forgiving your measurements and hanging ability is since it is so easy to move each side independently up/down and left/right to perfectly center it.

Roderic Rineharton

Five Stars

The easiest way to hang anything. Updating all frames even heavy artwork.



I often receive drawings in frames from my grandchildren, however, they seldom have wires and I am not adept at hanging level, especially when they have two cut-outs for hangers. These solved my dilemma and have made it so, so easy to hang even large artwork pieces. Thank you for such a terrific product.

Jacqueline M.

These things definitely helped a lot.

I had seven identical size pictures that I wanted to hang in a straight line, at the exact same height, evenly spaced. Sounds easy. It’s not.


I wanted to take the time and tell you I absolutely love the Beehive Hangers.

I live in a building where, for whatever reason, my pictures are always tilting and need to be readjusted. Not anymore! It was a brilliant idea in concept and has turned into one in execution. Thank you for the hard work, for getting the product out very quickly and creating an ingenious product.

Ryan Belenzon