• Adjust your frames any direction

    Quickly adjust your frames up, down, left, right, and even diagonally without moving any hardware.

  • No more measuring

    Yes, really! Whether you’re hanging 1 frame or 100, the Beehive’s completely eliminate the need for taking measurements.

  • Stops frames from tilting

    We get it. Crooked frames are annoying. That’s why we’ve designed the Beehive’s to insure your frames stay put, even when cleaning or dusting.

  • Eliminates excess wall damage

    No more Swiss cheese walls caused from moving and adjusting the position of your frames. The Beehive’s require just two small pin holes to hang each frame.

  • Ideal for galleries and groupings

    Nothing makes hanging those tricky, multi-frame galleries more simple. Quickly and easily position, level, and space multiple frames with amazing ease.

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  • Just one tool required

    The only tool you’ll need is a Phillips screwdriver. No tape measure, hammer, stud finder, level or ruler are required to hang your frames.

  • All hardware is included

    Each and every Beehive order comes complete with all the hardware you’ll need.

  • Certified weight ratings

    Our listed weight ratings aren’t just made up numbers. The Beehive’s have undergone rigorous testing by Bureau Veritas, a global leader in product testing. Learn more.

  • Floor to wall in just five minutes

    Skeptical? Most people are. That’s why we offer this guarantee: If it takes you longer than five minutes to hang a frame when using the Beehive’s, send back your purchase for a 100% refund.

  • Not just for wood frames

    Whether you’re hanging wood frames, metal channel frames, or canvases, we’ve got you covered.

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So innovative, they’re patented.

  • 4-step installation

  • How they work (close-up)

  • No more tilted frames

  • Attaching to metal channel frames

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Shop Spare Parts

Don’t have the ideal screwdriver in your toolbox? Lost a screw or two in the shag carpet? Can’t recall where you packed the support pins after your move? We’ve got you covered.

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Wholesale Pricing

Need bulk quantities and wholesale pricing?

Apply for your wholesale account today and receive a 15% DISCOUNT code to use on your first order. The application is super simple, and no financial information is needed.

  • “The incredible honeycomb layout of the Beehive Picture Hangers allows adjustment in a matter of seconds.”

  • “Here's a good example of using design to address a humble but unmet need. A much more intelligent way to hang photos.”

  • “A clever solution to the mind grinding problem of crooked picture frames.”

  • “Beehive Picture Hangers may revolutionize the way we hang frames on walls.”

  • “Protect your walls from the Swiss cheese look with Beehive.”

  • “I might even order a few of my own because I have a ton of prints sitting in stacks that I've been too lazy to hang.”

  • “It’s a new hanging system that makes hanging a frame perfectly, a breeze, and something that only takes a few moments.”

  • “It’s a system that lets you hang perfectly straight frames in a short amount of time with no measurements and no mess-ups.”

  • “While they are a device on their own, they work as a brilliant system.”

  • “This ingenious new product allows you to hang a picture frame without taking a single measurement.”

  • “...and you don’t have to worry about drywall anchors or locating wall studs.”

  • “It doesn’t surprise us that the company was approached by a slew of retailers and distributors.”

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