Designed for wood, metal and canvas frames.

Why 86 out of 100 customers rate the Beehive's 5 stars.

Stop the measuring meltdown!

You know how it works. You're about to experience some serious brain drain from taking measurement after measurement, patching hole after hole,
wasting hour after hour.
Or wait. Maybe not.

Floor to wall in just 7 minutes or less.

Skeptical? At first, most people are. That's why we offer this guarantee: If it takes you longer than 7 minutes to hang a frame when using the Beehive's, send 'em back for a full refund. Simple as that.

You know the wall patching routine:

Move the frame, patch the wall. Move the frame, patch the wall... and so on. But that was then, this is now. You'll love knowing that the Beehive's require just two small pin holes per frame, and ZERO patching, even if you move it 100 times.

All hardware is included.

No more last minute trips to the hardware store. Each order includes all the hardware you'll need, start to finish.

Just one tool required.

The only tool you'll need is a small head Phillips screwdriver. We've completely eliminated the need for tape measures, hammers, stud finders, levels and rulers.
Don't have a one? We've made it easy to add the perfect screwdriver to your order for just $6.95!
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Annoyed by crooked frames?

Who isn't. Another great benefit of the Beehive Picture Hangers is they stop your frames from moving or tilting, even when cleaning or dusting.

Certified weight ratings

Our weight ratings aren't numbers we've dreamed up just to make a sale. These are numbers you can count on. The Beehive Picture Hangers have undergone rigorous testing by Bureau Veritas®, a global leader in product testing.

Not just for wood frames.

Whether you're hanging wood frames, metal channel frames, or canvases, we've got you covered.

Need to hang a gallery or grouping?

We challenge you to find a better way to hang a multi-frame gallery or wall grouping. Not only do the Beehive's greatly speed-up the process, your ability to accurately space and level your frames is truly unmatched.

  • Making adjustments

  • How they work: Close up

  • No more tilted frames

  • Installs in 4 easy steps

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