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If you’re unsure which version is best for your project, keep in mind the two main differences are weight limit and adjustability.
The ORIGINAL Beehive Picture Hangers are rated up to 20 lbs, while the MAX version is rated up to 35 lbs.
The ORIGINAL have 68 openings for adjustment, while the MAX have over double that amount with 143 openings.

Thin to wide wood frames
The ORIGINAL hangers can be used for most frame sizes and shapes, up to 20 lbs.

Frames should be a minimum of 3/8” wide. For thin frames, use the top set of holes in the flanges.

For medium or wide frames (5/8” or wider), use the bottom set of holes in the flanges.

Medium to wide wood frames
The MAX hangers can be used for most frame sizes and shapes, up to 35 lbs.

Helpful Tip: Attaching the MAX hangers across the miter joints (see below) of heavier frames can help prevent separation of the joints over time.

Metal channel frames
Both the ORIGINAL and MAX hangers are a good choice for metal channel frames.

The included hardware is designed to fit most frame channels on the market.

ORIGINAL weight rating: 20 lbs. MAX weight rating: 35 lbs.


Love, love, love these!
Ten Stars! Twenty stars!A.A.

Where have these amazing things been all my life? I have never hung a picture as quickly and easily as I did with these Beehive Picture Hangers.Gina M.

Makes life easier. My professional photography studio switches out the hardware to Beehive Picture Hangers on all of our fine art canvas groupings. It makes the process of hanging them much quicker and more accurate.Cindy S.

Do not hesitate... buy these. If I could give these 10 stars, I would. These beehive picture hangers are a life and marriage saver! It reduces the time spent making fine adjustments and eliminates unnecessary arguing. These are worth whatever price I paid for them and I refuse to hang pictures without them. I'm so happy I've found this product and I tell everyone I know about them.Steve D.

These are life changing! I was looking for something that would allow me to install my clients' portraits in their homes that would be fool-proof. This is it! I can easily install portraits without worrying about puncturing too many holes in their walls, and ensure perfect results, 100% of the time! Thank you for this wonderful invention! Jeannie T.

Nothing else comes close! I have a portrait studio and do lots of framing. Ever since discovering Beehive Hangers, nothing else will do! Hands down the best for leveling and aligning multiple frames.Gary B

Makes hanging pictures in a grid pattern simple and easy. I'm a third generation professional picture framer and installer. I always dreaded hanging multiple frames in a grid pattern because even if you measured and marked precisely, there would be constant adjustment of the wire hanger since any small variation could easily be seen in the pattern. Then I discovered the Beehive Hangers. I'm installing sixteen frames in an unusually complicated grid next week and it'll be a breeze, even though its in a stairwell. If it wasn't for the Beehive Hangers I may have turned down the job.Dave

I rarely review, but these things are awesome. I purchased the regular Beehive Hangers for smaller frames and the Max for larger canvas paintings for our new place. I called to hire someone to hang all our pictures/art because I didn't want to go through the hassle of measuring, etc. I canceled after I found these. They make hanging pictures a measuring! You can adjust them all different directions, which makes it so easy to level the picture or align it with another one on the wall. They hold the picture on the wall very securely as well.R.T.R.

Greatest Picture Hanging System of the Times. The ingenious design of the Beehive system allows ease of installation... Pictures are easily positioned and leveled with the Beehive Hanger system. Only problem with this design is that I did not think of it first! Dr. D.

Best, most adjustable, easiest and affordable picture hanging system out there! No longer having to worry you didn't get it 100% level or in line with another frame beside it. Super easy to install the hangers to the frame and even easier to install the hooks to the wall. The cost is super reasonable especially considering the time and hassle you save...Ted H.

Life Changing Frame Hangers! Nicely packaged and quality product! These hangers have made installing clients’ frames so easy and consistent.Stan O.

Greatest product ever! These things are the greatest invention ever! I've been struggling with a staircase gallery wall and have punched far too many holes in the wall. Once we had it repainted I was scared to do it again. Found these things and had all the pictures up and perfect within an hour without crazy measuring and multiple holes.Anna S.

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TOP 10

1. I’m having a hard time seeing the wall marks made from the points on the hangers. Is there a way to make them more visible?
A simple solution is to slightly “jiggle” the corners of your frame while pressing against the wall. This will enlarge the marks. Be sure to exercise care that you don‘t scratch your wall.

2. What are the weight ratings for the hangers?
Our ORIGINAL hangers will support up to 20 lbs per set, and the MAX hangers up to 35 lbs per set. These ratings are based on using two hangers (one on each top corner of your frame) along with the hardware included with your order. Ratings are based on testing done by independent testing lab Bureau Veritas and were conducted on 1/2” drywall (sheetrock).

3. What else can I hang using the Beehive’s?
Our Beehive Picture Hangers were tested using picture frames only. If you’re planning on hanging items other than picture frames, we can’t guarantee the listed weight ratings.

4. What’s the difference between the ORIGINAL and the MAX hangers?
Our ORIGINAL hangers (the smaller of the two) have 68 openings for adjustment, while our MAX hangers boast 143 openings for adjustment. An added benefit of the MAX hangers is when they’re attached across the miter joints of your frames, they’ll add strength and stability, and help prevent separation of the joints on larger, heavier frames, over time.

5. Does my order include all the hardware I’ll need to hang my frames?
Yes. Whether you order the ORIGINAL or MAX for wood, metal or canvas frames, your order will include all the hardware you’ll need.

6. Can the Beehive’s be used on material other than drywall (sheetrock)?
The simple answer is yes. However, if you’re inserting the support pins (wall hardware) into material harder than drywall, we recommend pre-drilling a small pilot hole using a 1/16“ or 3/32" drill bit. Be sure to drill the hole at a downward angle to match the angle on the support pins. NOTE: Our weight ratings are based on tests conducted on 1/2” drywall (sheetrock).

7. What size frames can the hangers be used on?
Frames should be a minimum of 7” wide on the inside when mounting the hangers on the top rail, and a minimum of 4” tall when mounting the hangers to the side rails. For more information on recommended frame widths, see ‘MAX or ORIGINAL’ above.

8. Can the Beehive’s be used on a variety of frame shapes and sizes?
Yes. This is another benefit of the Beehive Picture Hangers. They work well with almost any frame shape, even round and oval frames.

9. Will I need to pre-drill screw holes in my frame?
Pre-drilling is not normally required. However when attaching the Beehive’s to hardwood frames such as maple, cherry or oak, it may be necessary.
When pre-drilling, we recommend a 1/16” or 3/32" bit.

10. Can I use a single hanger on my frame, instead of two?
No. Using a single hanger greatly affects the functionality of the hangers. In addition to reducing the weight rating, your frames will no longer be adjustable in any direction and will no longer resist tilting.


If you don't agree the Beehive Picture Hangers are the most amazing picture hangers on the planet, return your order within 30 days, along with proof of purchase, and you'll receive a full refund.
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