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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m having a hard time seeing the wall marks made from the points on the hangers. Is it possible to make them more visible?

Yes. A simple solution is to slightly “jiggle” the corners of your frame while pressing the points into the wall. This will enlarge the marks. Be sure to exercise care that you don‘t scratch your wall.

2. Can the Beehive’s be used on material other than drywall (sheetrock)?

The simple answer is yes. However, if you’re inserting the support pins into material harder than drywall (plaster walls for example) we recommend pre-drilling a small pilot hole using a 3/32“ drill bit. Be sure to drill the hole at a downward angle to match the angle on the support pins. NOTE: Our weight ratings are based on tests conducted on 1/2” drywall (sheetrock).

3. Does my order include all the hardware I’ll need to hang my frames?

Yes. Whether you purchase the hangers for wood frames, metal channel frames or canvases, each order includes all the hardware you’ll need.

4. What tools will I need?

With our unique, patented design, we’ve eliminated the need for a tape measure, hammer, stud finder, level or ruler. The only tool you’ll need is a Phillips head screwdriver. A standard #5 is ideal for the screws that are included with your order. Don’t have the right screwdriver? Order Here

5. What’s the difference between the ORIGINAL and the MAX hangers?

Our ORIGINAL hangers (the smaller of the two) have 68 openings for adjustment, with a weight rating up to 20 lbs. Our MAX hangers boast 143 openings for adjustment, and a weight rating up to 35 lbs. As an added benefit of the MAX hangers, when attached across the miter joints of your frames, they’ll add strength and stability, helping prevent separation of the miter joints on heavier frames.

For more details, see our Tech Specs page.

6. Do the Beehive’s prevent my frames from moving or tilting?

Absolutely! When installed according to our instructions, your frames will resist moving or tilting when cleaning or dusting or from wall vibration.

See Video

7. What else can I hang using the Beehive’s?

Our Beehive Picture Hangers can be used for many items you might hang on a wall. However, they were tested and rated hanging picture frames. If you’re planning to hang items other than picture frames, we can’t guarantee our listed weight ratings.

8. What are the weight ratings for the hangers?

Our ORIGINAL hangers will support up to 20 lbs per set, and the MAX hangers up to 35 lbs per set. These ratings are based on using two hangers (one on each top corner of your frame) along with the hardware included with your order. Ratings are based on testing done by independent testing lab Bureau Veritas® and were conducted on 1/2” drywall (sheetrock).

9. What size frames can the hangers be used on?

Frames should be a minimum of 7” wide on the inside when mounting the hangers on the top rail, and a minimum of 4” tall when mounting the hangers to the side rails.

10. Will I need to pre-drill pilot holes for the screws in my frame?

Pre-drilling is not normally required. However when attaching the Beehive’s to hardwood frames such as maple, cherry, oak, etc., or when the screws are inserted close to the miter joints of your frames, it may be necessary. When pre-drilling, we recommend using a 1/16” or 3/32” bit.

11. Can I use a single hanger on my frame, instead of two?

Definitely not. A single hanger greatly affects the functionality of your Beehive’s. In addition to substantially reducing the weight rating, your frames will no longer be adjustable in any direction and will no longer resist tilting.

12. Is there a chance my wood frames will split when inserting the screws?

When inserting screws into your frames, there is always a risk of splitting, regardless of what product you may be using. If you’re uncertain, we recommend predrilling a 1/16” or 3/32” pilot hole before inserting the screws.