Real reviews from real customers

Taken from the Beehive website, Google and Amazon.

  • We are now lifetime customers! Absolutely genius idea!
    S. S. K.

  • Just buy it! They work great and I don't see myself buying any other type in the future. Marks your nail hole with perfection and lets you tweak to a perfect level with ease.

  • These are AMAZING!!! Easy to use and perfect for multiple objects where adjustments may be needed. I would give these 10-stars if that were an option!
    Don R

  • We’ve been slowly replacing all of the old fashion picture hangers with these. No more going around now and then, to re-level pictures!
    M. Ketteman

  • The only way to hang pictures. I love these picture hangers. This is my second purchase. They make hanging pictures so easy and keep them in the exact position you place them. You will never have a crooked picture if you use them.
    L. H. W.

  • Great product. These things are amazing. Even an idiot like me can't mess these up!
    Jon H.

  • These hangers are awesome. They are really useful when trying to line up pictures for a gallery wall because it allows you to make small adjustments to the location of the picture without needing to move the nail in the wall. I just bought 48 more of these because they were so good!
    Wedding Lady

  • Beehive excellence. This is the 2nd time I have bought from you. It makes hanging paintings a breeze. My husband used to drive me crazy measuring everything. Now it’s 1 2 3 hung up. Thank you!
    Elaine K.

  • I liked them enough to order more.
    R. Macree

  • Simple and effective. I do not normally take the time to write reviews but being how easy and quick it was to hang 2 frames I had some free time to write this review. I actually look forward to printing more images and hanging them.
    Brian J.

  • Making life a little easier. After removing all photos on the wall in three rooms to repaint and having used the Beehive hangers on a couple pictures I ordered enough to hang all my pictures to make life easier.
    Bruce B.

  • I love these over any other hangers, and I have tried them all. Happy dance!
    Ann B.

  • These things are the greatest invention ever! I've been struggling with a staircase gallery wall and have punched far too many holes in the wall. Once we had it repainted I was scared to do it again. Found these things and had all the pictures up and perfect within an hour without crazy measuring and multiple holes.
    Anna S.

  • Hang On Sloopy! We recently had new carpet installed and painted (the walls). We couldn't do this without taking all the pictures off the wall. What a job! After patching the little holes that had accumulated since the last paint job, we decided to try something different. Searching old reliable, we came up with a couple of ideas for different picture hangers, but decided on the Beehive brand. We were not disappointed! We have installed the hangers on small, medium, and larger pictures. On some of the harder wood, we had to drill a small pilot hole before putting in the screws. No problem. They are working perfectly; so well, in fact, that we can DEFINITELY RECOMMEND them. Our only problem was we didn't order enough of them. We will be correcting that in a few days.

  • I will never hang a picture any other way!! My title says it all - so simple and effective. Awesome product!
    C. P. M.

  • THESE WORK. We like EVERYTHING about them.

  • Love, love, love these! Ten Stars! Twenty stars!
    A. A.

  • Ingenious! Very easy to use with very clever techniques for hanging the nails and then aligning the picture to the level of the room. Nice work.
    Jim S.

  • Such a great way to hang frames. We really love these hangers. We are custom framers and these hangers have solved a multitude of gallery wall problems. We also include them when we finish a custom framed piece, because of the ease of hanging the frame.
    Elaine P.

  • Where have these amazing things been all my life? I have never hung a picture as quickly and easily as I did with these Beehive Picture Hangers.
    Gina M.

  • Makes life easier. My professional photography studio switches out the hardware to Beehive Picture Hangers on all of our fine art canvas groupings. It makes the process of hanging them much quicker and more accurate.
    Cindy S.

  • Brilliant design, perfectly executed. I used these on a commercial corporate job and they cut our hanging time in half.

  • Awesome product! Allows me to look like a genius! Every picture is level, every time.

  • I love these hangers, they make hanging stuff extremely easy! My son and I make wooden signs and we provide these with each of our signs. Our customers love them as well!
    Kelly G.

  • Do not hesitate... buy these. If I could give these 10 stars, I would. These beehive picture hangers are a life and marriage saver! It reduces the time spent making fine adjustments and eliminates unnecessary arguing. These are worth whatever price I paid for them and I refuse to hang pictures without them. I'm so happy I've found this product and I tell everyone I know about them.
    Steve D.

  • These are simple/awesome! I had this big silly oar to hang up (who's idea was this?!) and my walls are completely terrible. I just paid to have everything repainted so I really didn't want to start punching holes everywhere and ruining the beautiful work. I simply screwed one of these to each side of the back, pressed it against the wall where I wanted. It makes the tiniest little mark to give you a target for nailing in the mounts. I found those a little hard to hold and hammer, but I was also working over my head. Once nailed in, I hooked it on, so fast and easy. I stepped back, it was slightly crooked, so I went back and raised one side a notch. Perfect! I have a lot more to hang, so I may grab another pack of these. I can't believe how great they are.
    A. M. L.

  • I had my doubts, until... I actually placed the pictures on the wall. The process was absurdly simple and adjusting the pictures on the wall was crazy easy. I think I have found the picture hanging kit of my dreams. No way am I going back to the old way of hanging things. I will definitely purchase again!

  • These are life changing! I was looking for something that would allow me to install my clients' portraits in their homes that would be fool-proof. This is it! I can easily install portraits without worrying about puncturing too many holes in their walls, and ensure perfect results, 100% of the time! Thank you for this wonderful invention!
    Jeannie T.

  • Amazing! Great, Easy and just Amazing!
    Susan P.

  • Love these. Finally used these little guys to hang a large framed photo, and the process was quick and simple. They saved me a lot of time by cutting down on measuring, marking, and guessing. And not that it matters, but they look cool. These are now my fave hanging apparatuses.

  • Nothing else comes close! I have a portrait studio and do lots of framing. Ever since discovering Beehive Hangers, nothing else will do! Hands down the best for leveling and aligning multiple frames.
    Gary B.

  • I’ve been telling everyone about these! I’m a bit challenged when it comes to hanging things straight. I always end up with extra holes in my walls. But no more!! These are great! I’m no longer afraid to hang my artwork!
    Kimberly E.

  • SUPER EASY AND PAINLESS!!! This product lived up to my expectations and works as advertised. This saved me from hours of measuring and aligning my canvas prints.
    Masudur R.

  • Makes hanging pictures in a grid pattern simple and easy. I'm a third generation professional picture framer and installer. I always dreaded hanging multiple frames in a grid pattern because even if you measured and marked precisely, there would be constant adjustment of the wire hanger since any small variation could easily be seen in the pattern. Then I discovered the Beehive Hangers. I'm installing sixteen frames in an unusually complicated grid next week and it'll be a breeze, even though its in a stairwell. If it wasn't for the Beehive Hangers I may have turned down the job.

  • These are borderline mandatory for any multi-picture wall. I won't hang any more pictures without these hangers.
    Johnny W.

  • THE BEST FRAME HANGER. These are quite nice, particularly for period frames. They are secure against the wall, and look pleasing aesthetically when examining the back of an artwork. They also take the frustration out of getting the nail in the right place and making repeated attempts at the expense of your walls.

  • WHERE HAVE THESE BEEN ALL MY LIFE? I'm sold. I will be using and recommending these forever. They make hanging big or heavy things BRAINLESS!!!! So easy to use. It's totally secure!

  • Life saver for every woman!!! Great product, HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Five stars!
    Nataliya H.

  • These are the only way I'm going to hang pictures from now on. I just used these to hang a group of 12 pictures in a perfect 4 x 3 grid and it was so much easier than the traditional way. Better than that, I'll never need to straighten them. These hangers are very well thought out and engineered, I love the little wall marker sticking out of the beehive so you can place the anchor perfectly every time and I love that even with that, I can be a little off and still get the picture precisely where I want it.

  • Ingenious! These worked great. I lined up nine framed photos in a three x three array on the first try. Each picture could be shifted as needed to make them level and lined up. It would have taken forever with the picture wire and eyelet method of mounting on conventional hooks. I will be using these for every picture I hang in the future even if it is just a single one.
    C. Z.

  • I rarely review, but these things are awesome. I purchased the regular Beehive Hangers for smaller frames and the Max for larger canvas paintings for our new place. I called to hire someone to hang all our pictures/art because I didn't want to go through the hassle of measuring, etc. I canceled after I found these. They make hanging pictures a measuring! You can adjust them all different directions, which makes it so easy to level the picture or align it with another one on the wall. They hold the picture on the wall very securely as well.

  • Five Stars. Very easy to use and works awesome!

  • Best picture hangers ever made. These are amazing! Best picture hangers I've ever used. They made hanging up pictures a very easy, very fast task. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing to hang a picture and will absolutely purchase these again.
    Suzanne A.

  • Excellent product! I have twelve grandbabies and I change out these photos often as they grow so being able to take the frames off the wall and replace them quickly/easily is a great benefit. I would definitely recommend these hangers and I'll be using them whenever I have things to hang on my walls in the future.

  • Greatest Picture Hanging System of the Times. The ingenious design of the Beehive system allows ease of installation... Pictures are easily positioned and leveled with the Beehive Hanger system. Only problem with this design is that I did not think of it first!
    Dr. D.

  • Perfect! I bought them because of the ease of the beehive design, and they did not disappoint! However, I was even more impressed with the super easy diagonal wall hooks that came with a little rubber tool!
    Kimberly C.

  • Simple to install and bullet proof. No more re-leveling pictures after a mis-balanced washing machine load.
    C. W.

  • Five Stars. This hanging design is so great, easy to use and top quality.
    P. R. M

  • There's no turning back after you use the Beehives. We were looking for hanger options for our personalized name sign to hang over the nursery crib. Unfortunately, it did not come with any hangers when we ordered our little ones name. I am happy it didn't because it led me to research options when I came across the beehive's. They worked perfectly for us and i honestly feel like this was the best choice and a secure option to place a heavy sign over our little ones crib. At 30 pounds capacity, for which we are nowhere near that, it feels great knowing that it has room to hold more weight. It was the easiest 5 minutes I ever took to hang something on a wall. It's awesome when great minds come up with a solid solution. That's exactly what this father and son did with these hangers.
    Ivan I.

  • Worked better than I could have hoped! These little things are fantastic! We had multiple canvas prints we wanted to hang in a 2x8 grid, and were able to do it with very little stress or fuss, because we knew we'd be able to perfect them once we got them in the right ballpark. Then, we put together another collage on another wall, and were just as happy with the results. It was so easy to get them level and lined up just the way we wanted. No extra holes in the wall, no cussing, just easy-peasy. Terrific product!
    Donna G.

  • Best, most adjustable, easiest and affordable picture hanging system out there! No longer having to worry you didn't get it 100% level or in line with another frame beside it. Super easy to install the hangers to the frame and even easier to install the hooks to the wall. The cost is super reasonable especially considering the time and hassle you save...
    Ted H.

  • Life Changing Frame Hangers! Nicely packaged and quality product! These hangers have made installing clients’ frames so easy and consistent.
    Stan O.

  • Great product! Works exactly as described!
    M. E. M.

  • Huge time saver and incredibly easy to use! I tried these out as soon as I got them and they worked perfectly. I cannot express how easy they were to use and how much time they saved me. I was able to do it completely by myself with just one little screwdriver. I will definitely be using these again and ordering more. Highly recommended.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars I am in love. These are so easy to use, sturdy and cut so much hassle out of hanging art. Hanging things level and spacing used to involve measuring tapes, spacers, levels, pencil marks on the wall, etc., etc. This makes it so easy for me to confidently hang items by myself without needing help or growing extra arms and drilling erroneous holes in walls and so on. I love them so much I ordered a set of the MAX ones for a couple larger items. Highly recommend!

  • Greatest product ever! These things are the greatest invention ever! I've been struggling with a staircase gallery wall and have punched far too many holes in the wall. Once we had it repainted I was scared to do it again. Found these things and had all the pictures up and perfect within an hour without crazy measuring and multiple holes.
    Anna S.

  • I've always been good at hanging photos, but the thought of hanging a collage of images was a little daunting even for me. I'm a perfectionist for sure. So when I came across these it was instant heaven. They are exactly as advertised!
    KEVIN S.

  • I hung the pictures in minutes. I had pictures that I never hung. They were (on the floor) against a wall for over a year. I was afraid to hang them. I was afraid they would be hung crooked or that they would not be secure. Neither my husband or I are handy. I decided to give the beehive hangers a try. They are fantastic. I hung the pictures in minutes and they are straight. They are secure and I am not worried about the pictures falling off the wall. I even ordered the larger hanger for another picture. I hung the larger picture above my daughters bed without fear of it falling off and hurting her. I only wish there was a way to hang pictures that did not have a wood frame. I NEVER write reviews but this product deserves 5 stars!

  • Foolproof picture hanging system! The Beehive picture hanging system is absolutely, the most adjustable and user friendly picture hanging solution I have used. The adjustable hangers are almost mistake proof. Especially for 2-point hanging applications. Even if you don't get the hanging points level its not a problem, as the Beehive design allows you to compensate.
    Big T

  • I don’t post reviews often, but when I do it’s because I am motivated to do so. I have attempted to hang groupings of frames/mirrors many times and it has always been a “challenge” with me losing my mind moving nails/hangers (with a few choice words thrown in here and there). This time is was unbelievably easy.
    J. T. W.

  • Something new for hanging frames - and it works! Repurchased another pack of 12.
    J. D.

  • Best Picture Hangers made. These make picture hanging super easy and know they are sturdy and pictures will not fall off the wall when properly installed. Would recommend.
    J. S.