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Beehive Picture Hangers

MAX Hangers

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If you thought life was good with our ORIGINAL hangers, just wait until you try our MAX! The MAX hangers boast 143 openings for adjustment, while supporting a whopping 35 lbs per set. That's nearly double the weight capacity of our ORIGINAL hangers, and over double the amount of area for adjustment. If those features don't have you convinced, consider this: The MAX hangers can be attached across the miter joints of your frames, helping prevent separation of the frame joints on heavier frames. Yup, we agree, it’s un-bee-lievable!

Orders come with all the hardware you'll need to hang your frames: Beehive Picture Hangers, attachment hardware and wall support pins, along with a FREE Stinger to make inserting the wall support pins, a breeze.

Simply choose your frame type and we'll make sure to include the appropriate hardware -- wood screws for wood frames and our custom designed metal channel hardware for metal frames. 

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